Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dating blues :(

Does anyone else find that right when you start to form a relationship with someone, another someone shows up to start something?

Why can't people show up before you open a new book? I hate how as soon as you start up a relationship like 5 other guys show up looking for one! Do girls do this to guys too? I'll apologize to any guys that I may have done this to. If I'm not classified as a bf/gf relationship but have a thing started with a guy is it really a relationship? How do I keep doors open to other guys in case this unclassified becomes more or nothing?

Dating has got to be the hardest thing to get through in life. You findsomeone who makes you happy but theres always someone on the outside poking you, trying to make your happy dissappear. Dating needs to come with a handbook! How to find the perfect guy for you, the qualities; does he make you laugh, smile, are you happy with him. Theres so much that should be right to find a perfect guy, but in reality is finding the perfect guy possible?

When you get married, how do you know he'll stay forever, how are you so positive hes the 1 out of billions? Marraige is everyones(every girls at least) fairytale, their perfect moment where everyones focused on her and him.

I ask whoever my readers are to question themselves and try to see if you know the answers to these questions...

                                                                                                 ~ Madame Estelle ~

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