Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summers almost over

Well its that time of year again! Summer vacation has ended and your back to sitting at desks, falling asleep in class :P

I hope your summer has been one filled with falling in love, sneaking out, staying out late at night and maybe a little mischief? After all a summer without mishchief is no summer at all right? LOL well maybe there is more to summer then falling in love and sneaking out but when it comes to a summer like the one I've had nothing can top it!!

Once I finished working in a strawberry field fighting away fellow male workers, I happened to meet one guy beside the local ice cream shack. Amazing personality an attitude to live life to the fullest and amzingly gorgeous eyes you could fall into and never make your way out.*sigh* Sounds perfect right? Well not exactly. I know I've always been attracted to guys older then me but this one guy was a little older then the others :( Say I was hmm 18 years old, I'd be exactly half is age. Totally illegal I know but totally irresistable at the same time.

After having my mother call the cops on me for staying out till 2am with this guy, I still managed to ignore it and sneak out my window the next night. Shamed I should be but for some reason I can't be. I can't call it love because its way too early for thatand who knows where guys stand on their feelings. All I really understand is that schools started again, this wonderful guy has continued on his way and even though we still text and talk on the phone I'm left wondering if I'll eve see him again.

I will try to progressivly keep updates of everything going on between school and this...well whatever me and this guy are. But for now I must sign off and make more stories :(

                                                                                                           ~ Madame Estelle ~

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