Sunday, 16 September 2012

The dreaded first fight

In every relationship there's always ups and downs, but of course there's always the dreaded first fight :'( Well I can say me and my mystery man have just crossed that step.

It's gotta be one of the hardest things to do managing a long distance relationship, while balancing school, sports and home life. Not only is the relationship not accepted by my parents, my parents are trying to set me up with other dates. Sometimes I wish I could drill it in my parents head that my guy is one that makes me happy. All I do is smile when I talk to him when I get to see him I'm just bouncing off the walls with excitment.

Our first fight, at least it wasn't a huge full out fight but its the maddest I've seen him and heard him. The reason behind the fight....People talking in my ear trying to ruin my relationship.
"You're being stupid he doesn't like you he just wants you for sex!"
"He's probably sleeping around on you while you're here!"
"He just says he likes you so you'll put out!"

I let them get to me! I let them get in my head! Why? Ughh I told him straight up I felt like his job was getting in the way. He needs to work to get stuff off is mind. He misses me and he doesnt care what anyone says he's not starving for sex, he plans on waiting for me.

Relationships are built on trust and I let people get in my head to destroy my trust. How could I be soo stupid. Ofcourse I trust him. He makes sure he talks to me everday he trys to see me as much as possible! I've never been happier!

Our fight ended shortly with me in tears before him saying, he was sorry he had a bad day and it wasnt me. I had no idea how to defuse the bomb that had been lit, I was scared out of my mind that I was gonna say or do something regretful. If anything this small fight has done nothing but put us back on our sweet lanes:) nothing better then love!!<3

                                                                                            ~ Madame Estelle ~

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